Our SMT manufacturing facility consists of three fully automatic SMT high capacity lines, of which the newest is from 2011. We are able to handle the latest and most complex SMD components (from size 01005 to 200×110), and is distinguished by a very short setup time for the benefit of flexibility and your economy.

Subsequently, SMD components are soldered in our reflow-oven, using nitrogen and thereby reducing the oxygen level in the oven. This in turn reduces the surface oxidation of PCB and components. The result is better flow of the solder and improved solderability of component terminals. We offer RoHS as well as non-RoHS manufacturing.

In our THT (THT= Through Hole Technology) manufacturing facility we mount all types of leaded components. We have extensive experience with selective soldering of printed circuit boards, using  special equipment and solder frames for our nitrogen-wave soldering machine.

Regardless of whether the products are manufactured using hand or wave soldered processes, we guarantee acceptance standards to class IPC A 610

With our two machines for automatic optical inspection (AOI) of printed circuit board assemblies and soldered printed circuit boards we ensure, a high, uniformed quality of your printed circuit boards at an early stage in the process.

Electrostatic Discharge Prevention

Preventing Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is paramount to the quality of the delivered products. We have procedures in placefocusing on:

– Eliminating static charges from workplaces.

– Properly shielding components and assemblies from static field.

At Danchell, all component/PCB handling areas are ESD protected includingwork clothes, workbenches, flooring, storage and handling. All employees in the production areas wear special shoes or heel grounders which are ESD approved.