Theme prize – Owner of the year 2017 the interplay between talent and technology

The two owners of Paul E. Danchell, David and Stefan Danchell, win the 2017 theme prize prize in connection with the election of the Owner of the year 2017 in the region of Zealand. They get the prize for expanding their father’s traditional business to a successful automated niche business.

The owner of the year is an annual award, where we select the best executives in Denmark. In order to find the finalists for the regional winning selections, PwC analyzes more than 5,000 proprietary companies based on published accounting information. Among these are personal interviews with corporate executives from more than 125 companies.

“Paul E. Danchell is a great example of a company that has been successful by hiring a CEO. This has meant that the two owners have been able to concentrate on development, production and quality assurance to ensure the company’s technological advantage, which helps them to compete in the industry and create unique opportunities”, says Nykredit Mikael Storm Andersen, Regional Director.

“The theme prize goes to David and Stefan Danchell, as they have managed to transform a traditional business with manual processes into a highly automated niche business. With a strong focus on the right talents, they have successfully adapted the company to technological development, ” says Lars Vagner Hansen, director of PwC.

“The two owners understand the importance of the interaction between talent and technology, and their major focus on this, has ensured that the company is competitive abroad while maintaining the high quality. David and Stefan Danchell deserve to be honored for their focus on talent and technology, ” says Sigurd Schou Madsen, chief consultant in Dansk Erhverv.