THT assembly

In our THT (short for Through Hole Technology) manufacturing facility we mount all kinds of leaded components using the latest technology within selective and wave soldering.

THT assembly can often be a labor-intensive process. At Danchell, our target is to reduce the amount spent on labor during production of your products. One option is our automated selective soldering machine, which selectively solders components, enabling a more uniform soldering as well as a significant reduction of labor costs. Another option is advanced soldering frames, which enables us to solder only certain areas of the PCB in our wave solder machine.

A quick glance at our capabilities within THT Assembly:

  • Manual assembly
  • Wave soldering in protected atmosphere (nitrogen)
  • Selective soldering using fixtures Inhouse design of fixtures
  • Selective table-top-soldering
  • Hand soldering incl. preheating of PCB
  • Manual soldering inspection
  • Automatic, optical inspection (AOI)
  • Press-fit assembly
  • Bonding of components
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Cable assembly (for complex cables the assembly is outsourced)
  • Component machining
  • Traceability at component level (optional)