Remove contamination – Improve reliability

With increased component miniaturization, electro migration, and the rising cost of advanced packages, it is essential to thoroughly clean today´s high reliability electronics. Cleaning eliminates failures caused by board contamination.

Danchell uses Trident cleaning systems from Aqueous Technologies who has  extensive experience in cleaning systems. Trident removes all contamination and residues from post-reflow circuit assemblies. When assembly and flux residues are removed, so is the chance for electro-chemical migration (ECM) failures. Clean assemblies ensure more reliable assemblies.

Trident is equipped with built-in monitoring technology whereby desired cleanliness level may be programmed, producing consistency in assembly cleanliness levels. Trident will automatically expand the cleaning process until the assemblies are verified clean.


Cleanliness tester

The Zero Ion tester from Aqueous is designed to meet the cleanliness testing challenges associated with modern circuit assemblies. The Zero Ion is capable of extracting and quantifying contamination levels per IPC J STD001. The zero Ion utilizes Dynamic measurement Technology which increases the accuracy of the test by maintaining test fluid throughout the testing process.

The Zero Ion performs accurate cleanliness testing without needing to heat the test solution. Ambient temperature cleanliness testing eliminates the need for heaters, and warm-up times while increasing equipment and operator safety. The Zero Ion’s proprietary extraction process and dynamic measurement technology provide high levels of accuracy without the need for heat.